Book Team & Helpers

The Ecolibrium Now Volunteer Book Team

Chris Stockdale – Project Manager

Agreed to help this work come to fruition, a major change from usual role of biodynamic farmer and part-time care worker. Sees this book as a tool to facilitate the conversation about the law of ecocide, the keystone in the arch of environmental legislation, the constitutional grounding for our future survival.

Greg Dance – Webmaster

Since completing a course in Environmental Science (Open University, S216) in 2009, I have become increasingly involved in efforts to protect and enhance our shared environment both locally and internationally. I have seen that to have ecological balance (justice for nature) it is also imperative that we humans properly allow justice to all humans and other species as are rights afforded through existing U.N. charters. Our fellow beings on Earth and ecosphere need better than they have been awarded to date.

My Stroud based business is PC Techniques, which offers local I.T. services.

Jean-Laurent Bos

Since a small child Jean Laurent always had an interest in environment issues. He now works as one of the first Biodynamic Professional Landscape Gardeners. He has an interest in writing the worlds first Biodynamic Standard.

Judy Barber

Judy loves facilitating ‘World Cafes’, discussions that get people inspired, energised and into action – as with the birth of this book! She lives towards a world in which peace prevails, people enjoy naturally healthy lives, our fellow species are well treated and our environment is regenerated. The author of ‘Good Question! The Art of Asking Questions to Bring About Positive Change and Good Raw Food Recipes, she offers presentations, workshops, retreats, coaching and consulting.

Rob Mehta

After an academic schooling, I studied Chemistry and Physics at Keele University, followed by a postgraduate certificate in Primary School Education. I have subsequently taught all ages from six year olds to adults in both state and private schools.

I met my wife playing music in a folk group at university and we are still playing music together 50 years later.

I have a deep love for humanity and the Earth and do what I can to support worthwhile causes.

And not forgetting our great band of helpers (to whom we are very grateful)

Andrea Gear – Editor

I had just finished working as assistant editor of The Ecologist when I met Chris Stockdale in the embryonic days of the project. With an MA in Law (signed on to shortly after hearing Polly Higgins speak) and an MSc in Conservation, the possibility of editing a text on what I consider to be the idea of the century was irresistible to me. We created a book that opens the concept of ecocide through such creativity and beauty that it has evolved into a work of not just information, but true inspiration.

Jehanne Mehta

After my education at a Steiner Waldorf school I studied modern languages (French and German) at Keele University, where I met my husband Rob, while playing in a folk group. I started writing poetry in my teens and songs in my late twenties. We have continued to play these songs ever since. My work is much influenced by a profound love of the Earth and the natural world and interest in how we relate to and learn from them. I am deeply concerned about the devastation caused by exploitation of the environment for profit.

Chris Mattos Tax

Chartered Tax Advisers based in Stroud, Gloucestershire with clients spread throughout England.
Specialise in advising individuals, small businesses and non-for-profit organisations with their financial and tax affairs.
Led by Chris Mattos a Chartered Tax Adviser, who has a wide range of experience as an accountant, finance director, trustee and is the current editor of Tax Adviser magazine the official journal of the Chartered Institute of Taxation.