​A book by artists, writers, poets, farmers and others who support the creation of a new international law to protect nature from Ecocide.

A small group of volunteers in Stroud, UK decided to get together and invite creative contributors to support Ecocide Law through their poetry, prose, art and photo-journalism, in order to join their voices to help this movement to go global.
Responses were rapid and astonishing including:

Forewords by Michael Mansfield QC & Sir Jonathan Porritt

and contributions by

Maddy Harland
Patrick Holden CBE
Carol Ann Duffy (the Poet Laureate)
Michael Meacher MP
Fritjof Capra
Rob Hopkins
Tony Juniper
Charles Eisenstein
Polly Higgins
Jane Davidson
Vandana Shiva
Zac Goldsmith
Mike Townsend
Julian Rose

plus many other outstanding writers, poets and artists.

It also has a number of historical quotes, dating back to circa 400 BC, which show that love and concern for the Earth are far from a recent cultural phenomena.

Stating the case of the earth in the face of exploitation, destruction and degradation, which it is now suffering. We need an International Law of Ecocide, which would make this damage to, destruction of, or loss of ecosystems the Fifth Crime Against Peace at the United Nations. We hope you will join us and millions across the world who wish to protect our planet for future generations. www.ecolibriumnow.com